Workshop Instructors

Karen Cohen

The instructor, Karen L. Cohen, is an enamelist, metalsmith, beader and author. Her beading interest is in bead embroidery, which includes lots of fringe, non-jewelry items, and she is excited to share her knowledge with the class. Karen currently concentrates her creative efforts on Studio Buttons for Button Collectors, but has created many dolls, wall pieces, mirrors and much more with her beading. She has a piece in the permanent collection of Decorate Arts at the Newark Museum. Karen’s pieces are intricate enough that each time one views them, you will notice something new. Her delight is playing the various bead finishes off each other to add something extra to her work. Karen teaches at Camp Med-O-Lark (an arts camp in ME), The Newark Museum in NJ , the John C Campbell Folk School in NC, and at various bead stores and art schools. See her work at

Janyce Hill

With over 35 years experience in the needlework and the vintage fashion industry, Janyce Hill’s current focus on historic and vintage knitting dovetails perfectly with both the classics of the past, and the classics of the modern day.

Janyce blends an extensive knowledge of the needle arts with a lively sense of humor that creates a class experience that is both entertaining and educational.

Susan Leibowitz

Susan is lifelong knitter who is a Level II Certified Craft Yarn Council Knit and Crochet Teacher.    She is a nationally recognized teacher in the Discover Knit and Crochet program designed by the Craft Yarn Council and delivered at Michaels.  She is the Program Chair of the Big Apple Knitters Guild in New York City.

Cassie Lewis

Cassie Lewis has been making felt for more than 20 years and presents felt making workshops at educational institutions, Newark Museum, craft centers, guilds and her studio. She as a background of over 30 years in public education. Cassie holds a master’s degree in educational leadership and has done graduate studies in Fiber Arts at William Paterson University. She likes to create new and different ways of teaching the media in her lasses, encouraging creativity and experimentation. Her work can be seen in Carol Cypher’s book How We Felt.

Judy Lind

I always loved textiles. I have several teaching degrees, a MA in Library Science, and a MA in Folk Art Studies from NYU. Recently retired from a career as a professional librarian and now have the luxury of creative time. I own five sewing machines and have a variety of projects in process. I may work on several at a time but I always finish what I start.

Several years ago, I saw someone locker hooking rugs. They reminded me of rugs that were on the floors of my grandmother’s house. My grandfather was a coal miner. They raised five kids through the Depression. My grandmother was accomplished at the art of ‘making something out of nothing.’ I have been making locker hooked rugs since. You can see some of my rugs in my gallery –

My rugs have won several ribbons at the New Jersey State Fair 2009-2012. I have demonstrated the art at the New Jersey State Fair 2010-2012, and hopefully this summer too. I have taught a classes at the Essex County Environmental Center in Roseland, NJ and at the Adult School of the Chathams, Madison and Florham Park.

Cheryl McCray

My name is Cheryl McCray. I am a certified knit and crochet teacher through the Craft Yarn Council. I have been actively involved with crafts and hobbies for most of my life. I conduct instructional classes to a variety of age groups and cultural backgrounds at different venues. This has included teens, adults, seniors, as well as the legally blind.

My goal is to help individuals realize that hobbies are very fulfilling and a means to providing relaxation and contentment in their lives. This in turn helps to balance their stress levels and involve them more into the world of crafts.

Kristin Monaco

Nuno felting? Whoever heard of this process? That was my question when I first discovered this artistic craft.

I started my business, Mother Frogging Yarns, 1 ½ years ago with full intentions of selling hand dyed yarns… who knew? I had worked with nuno feltng in the past and decided to use my unused dye baths for dying silk scarves and shawls. I found a wonderful fiber shop in Red Hook, NY and began my journey of nuno felting my dyed shawls. The Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet fair is where I started to see the reactions of fellow crafters and artists – they loved them.

I am now instructing classes at the Hudson Valley Sheep and Wool Company – where I pretty much started my amazing journey and love of nuno felting. Each piece is an art project; you can never get the same result.

Tracey Rivers

Choreographer Tracey Maniluwhua Rivers decided to make a business out of her passion for Knitting and Crocheting. She has been trained by some of the best in the industry: Master Designers Shirley Paden and Jean Wong. Tracey Maniluwhua Rivers is a Certified Hand Knitting and Crochet Instructor Certified by the Craft Yarn Council of America.

Tracey has been knitting and crocheting professionally for 25 years. She’s taught at FIT and various yarn shops. She now works at the Museum of the American Indian where she restores regalia to it’s original beauty and duplicates the pieces using intricate knitting and crochet techniques.I also have been trained by Master Hand Knitwear and Crochet Designer Shirley Paden.

Phyllis Rowley

Phyllis has been knitting nonstop for longer than she cares to remember. She has taught knitting at Bergen Knitter’s Guild,  and is currently designing for Vogue Knitting.

Diane Seymour

Diane Seymour, member of The Knitting Guild Association, has been knitting, crocheting and teaching for many years. Diane’s first project was a pair of socks knit for a high school boyfriend. One her greatest pleasures is teaching others the wonderful skill of knitting.

Jessica Suiter

Jessica has been spinning for nine years, and introducing people to the craft for nearly four. She firmly believes that there is no ‘right’ way to spin, just whatever lets you enjoy the work and get the results you want.

Elin Waterston

Elin Waterston is an award-winning textile and mixed-media artist. She has a BA and an MFA in design. Her art quilts are in many public and private collections and have been exhibited in numerous art galleries and museums. She is the coauthor of The Art Quilt Workbook and Art Quilts at Play and a is frequent contributor to Quilting Arts and Cloth Paper Scissors magazines. She lives in South Salem, New York.