Locker Hooked Rugs

JUDY LIND  lockerhooking1

Locker Hooking is a traditional craft, typically used for making loop pile rugs from recycled fabric strips. The fabric is quickly looped and locked into place to create a rich and unique texture. It is a fun way to create rugs, pillows, and more. Participants will work on a placemat size project.

About Your Instructor: Judy Lind
I always loved textiles. I have several teaching degrees, a MA in Library Science, and a MA in Folk Art Studies from NYU. Recently retired from a career as a professional librarian and now have the luxury of creative time. I own five sewing machines and have a variety of projects in process. I may work on several at a time but I always finish what I start.

Several years ago, I saw someone locker hooking rugs. They reminded me of rugs that were on the floors of my grandmother’s house. My grandfather was a coal miner. They raised five kids through the Depression. My grandmother was accomplished at the art of ‘making something out of nothing.’ I have been making locker hooked rugs since. You can see some of my rugs in my gallery –

My rugs have won several ribbons at the New Jersey State Fair 2009-2012. I have demonstrated the art at the New Jersey State Fair 2010-2012, and hopefully this summer too. I have taught a classes at the Essex County Environmental Center in Roseland, NJ and at the Adult School of the Chathams, Madison and Florham Park.