Preview Party – Guest Artisans

LithuanianKnittingDonna Druchunas – Lithuanian knitter

Donna learned about Lithuania from her Lithuanian grandmother. As she began learning about knitting later in life she discovered knitting resources from Lithuania’s neighbors, Estonia and Latvia, but  could not find any information about the land where her family originated.

To follow her dream to travel, knit, writing and learn about Lithuania, she escaped her corporate cubicle to honor these passions. She has made Lithuania a second home, writes patterns and written 9 books.  Donna has been designing knitwear and writing for over a decade and she is the author of award-winning knitting books. She also teaches in the USA, Canada, and Europe and holds retreats at her private studio in a 150-year old farm hous

wombatsAunt Wanda, Recyclist 

Come meet Aunt Wanda of “The World of Wanda” in Woodstock, Vermont.  Meet her wonderful, imaginative and FUN creations at our Fiber Festival.  Aunt Wanda looks near and far for fabrics, buttons and other fibers that previously lived as sweaters, coats, jackets, socks and more.  With her creative eye and wit she has enchanted many people with her collection of woolie wombats and fish friends. 


Vassie Sinopoulos, Creative Weaver

Vassie has been weaving for thirty years. She was born in a Greek village where every family had a loom and weaving was an indispensable household activity.  Her vivid childhood memories of weavers getting together to dress the looms lured her to become a weaver when she moved to Vermont in 1981.   She works with a variety of materials and threads. Her scarves are made from 100% chenille, a thread that is both durable and silky soft. Vassie uses recycled t-shirts, wool and other fabrics for place mats and area rugs of different sizes.   She says she was delighted to have discovered the most beautiful alpaca wool grown in Vermont.

In 2009, this talented weaver started the Heritage Weaving Studio, a nonprofit organization, in the old woolen mill of Bridgewater, Vermont, where she donates her time and teaches.