Nuno Felting Scarf / Wrap

Nuno Felted ScarfDescription:  The process of nuno felting is to wet felt fiber (wool) into a piece of silk gauze.  Extra ribbon, metallic thread and mohair locks will bring the extra bling to their art projects.   Students can choose to make a scarf or wrap.

Supplies to Bring:

  • a bath towel to roll projects on (some dye will come out of the fiber scarves/shawls)

Instructor will provide:

  • Fiber
  • silk pieces
  • Rolling kits
  • Soapy solution
  • Extra bling items

About Your Instructor: Kristin Wagner

Kristen Wagner has been teaching nuno felting for 3 years now. Her hand dyed yarn business is now going on to 4 years and now is opening a shop in Poughkeepsie, called Walkway Wools.